Farm Life

Farm Life

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stop to smell the roses....and the zinnias.

(My niece, Addaline smelling the Zinnias.)

       My husband and I are very different. When we venture out for a walk, he has a goal. A finish line. A place he needs to get quickly as possible! He doesn't let the grass grow under his feet and he has a purpose. We balance each other out and make a great team. He's responsible, dependable, and loving. However, our personalities could not be more different.
I dilly dally. I stop and check out the new kind of bug that meanders across my path. I notice my surroundings in detail. I take it all in and let it surround all my senses. It's therapeutic for me and it's not a race.
(Trillium bud aka stinkin' Benjamin)
I notice the little buds on the trees and bunny tracks on the edge of the road. I see the little orange newt that he almost stepped on and pick him up for a minute to admire him and smile as he tickles my palm with his little feet. I let him go safely in the ditch, so that racing feet do not put an abrupt end to his existence. I gaze upon the pastures and notice the birds flitting about and butterflies kissing flowers. I hear the bees as they hurry by with pollen dusted legs.

(Apple blossoms.)
I search deep into the woods with my eyes, hoping for a glimpse of undisturbed life. The brook sings a peaceful lullaby as I reluctantly pass her by. Moss grows in bright beautiful hues and captures rocks and fallen trees that lay in it's path. I hear a wood pecker enjoying a meal deep in the forest hidden by the greenery. A squirrel scolds me as he runs for higher ground. A crow calls out a warning and flies out of sight.
The wild flowers are beautiful and free for the taking, so I stop to pick a fresh bouquet for my farmhouse table.
I stick my nose into the center of these beauties and take in the sweet aroma. "Aren't these beautiful?" I ask.....myself. My husband is no where to be seen. Apparently he has reached his destination without taking in a thing except for the fresh air.
    Too many times we find ourselves too busy to enjoy what surrounds us. It may be nature, animals, or even people. How many times have we told our children, "I don't have time". When really, all they want is to show you their new super hero move or how tall they have gotten. How about that pretty little dandelion that a chubby little hand thrusts towards you?
(Picking dandelions for mommy.)
Did you see that grin? Have you taken a step back and watched your child as they have played and really savored the moment? The moment that will NEVER come again. It's gone. It's fleeting. They are growing and moving on through life.
       I have noticed that my dad, although very busy, always stops and literally smells my antique roses every time he passes them. Every time!
Why don't we do that more often? For just a moment? A mere moment in the years that make up your life. Have you played with your dog or meandered through your pasture to pat the soft nose of your horse? Have you climbed up into an old apple tree to pluck fresh fruit for your enjoyment? How about rolling up your pant legs to dangle your bare feet in the rushing stream, or lying in the cool grass staring into a deep blue sky while white puffy clouds take shape? What about a simple path through the deepness of the forest? Have you walked it? Do you ever sit still by the lake and watch the dragonflies flit about, while fish jump for supper? Have you sat on the porch in the evening to enjoy the fireflies as they light the night with whimsical flickering? Just for fun? Just to take it all in? For no reason whatsoever? We are blessed. Just look around you. No. I mean, really look around you. Take it all in. Take the time to smell the roses................

...and the zinnias.


  1. Love this. I try to do this and it is what life is all about.

    1. Thanks, Dolly. It's the little things that make life enjoyable.

  2. Thank you again for your inspirational writing .This is the type of life I long for .....more intentional ,romantic and real .Some days I achieve it ,and enjoy it's serenity and peace ....other days life as a single ,working ,homeschooling mom leads me to a frantic pace .I have realized that rushing is very detrimental to almost every aspect of life though ....physical symptoms from stress develop and relationships with God ,people ,and nature are strained . Thank you for an excellent reminder about what is important in life ....what indeed makes it worth living

    1. Hannah, you are so right. You make some excellent points. We suffer all around by not slowing down!