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Farm Life

Friday, October 3, 2014

Our Autumn Tradition

      It all started sixteen years ago when I decided to celebrate my oldest boy's first birthday in a big way. I love fall. Everything about fall. So, this was a celebration I was so excited to host. We had a hayride powered by our Belgian work horses. We had grain sack races, a giant pile of colorful leaves for jumping in, pumpkin snacks, and fresh apple cider. We couldn't have asked for a better day! A sunny autumn day here in Maine with blue skies, and a crispness in the air perfect for flannel shirt wearing. The guests seemed to truly enjoy themselves, and this first birthday party started a tradition....
October 1998. My son, Ethan, driving the horses with his Grampa.

               Each year we continued our celebration with everything fall. We always had a crowd, and no matter the weather we always enjoyed ourselves. One year we ate homemade ice cream while crowded around a bonfire as snow flakes fell softly around us.
       Five years ago we used our autumn time party to celebrate our parent's 35th wedding anniversary. We went big, and built a stage out in the hay field. We invited a local country singer, and had a bonfire blazing. There was endless amounts of food in fall flavors, and folks stayed into the darkness of the evening. Ever since this night our get together has been known as the Post Family Harvest Party. It grows each year, and this year we welcomed nearly one hundred guests! The tables overflow with potluck creations, and a bonfire burns with a crackly coziness. Fresh apple cider  bubbles over the fire, and hot soups, and fall desserts invite you to the long table. Clogging gets the evening started, followed by singing, and an array of instruments. 

My clogging friends, and I.

My son, Eben, playing the fiddle.

Lit up stage.

  As the hostess, my days leading up to the big event are filled with all the details. Flowers, cornstalks, and pumpkins decorate the field. The outhouse is swept clean of spiderwebs, and lanterns are filled with oil. Bean hole beans are covered with soil to cook until tender beneath the earth. Lighting is arranged, and the generator gassed up. I love decorating for fall, and this is where the fun is for me.....


Autumn requires Mums!

Lots of mums!

My outdoor wood cook stove. Perfect for keeping potluck dishes hot.

Harvest party 2012


This year marked my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. We celebrated with a memory tent filled with photos.

         Last weekend was beautiful, and the weather was perfect just as it was sixteen years ago! The temperature was mild, and nobody had to wear earmuffs, and mittens this year. Our harvest party requires a lot of work during one of our busiest times of the year, but oh it is so worth it! For an evening we get to put aside the thoughts of the coming snow, and the urgent tasks to be completed. We immerse ourselves into the gathering of dear friends, and family with fun, and laughter that echos across our pumpkin patches, and corn fields. 
        Many years ago, I never realized that a tradition had been born, but oh what a fun tradition it is!! 

Buffet lighting.



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  1. Oh my goodness I enjoyed this and what a wonderful tradition! Loads of fun for everyone! I felt like I was there with you...Talented family all around.