Farm Life

Farm Life

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dear October, Please Don't Leave Me!

      I love fall. Everything about fall. I can't get enough of it, and the season seems to be way too short. It screeches to an abrupt halt when snow laden branches crowd out brilliantly colored leaves. I do love snow, late spring is nice. Summer is mostly too hot, and humid, and do we even need to discuss mud season? The cold, rainy, windy months that cut to your core, and leave you begging for relief. Can you tell that I hate March, and April? So, could we please replace those months with more Octobers? Please?!?!  I love sweater weather. A flannel shirt day is perfect! I love to hear the crunch of fallen leaves, and the smell of wood smoke as it sends trails up to the blue sky where honking geese make their way to warmer destinations. I love walking winding paths into the woods now more than ever! Animals are scurrying around tucking their harvest into their homes for the long winter to come. My road is carpeted in pine needles, and brightly painted oak leaves. Maple leaves twirl in the air before softly landing in the accumulating color.


            Squirrels race back, and forth crossing my pathway to reach the abundance of fallen acorns. Crows sound off, and warn others of my presence. Turkeys gather around wild apple trees, and gobble up the sour harvest that has fallen. Birds flit about from tree to berry filled bush while singing the song of the perfect season. 

                The brook babbles an autumn tune, and quiets my soul. Auburn leaves float atop the cooling water, and I am enveloped in a crisp fall breeze. 

              And then there are the tastes of fall......Oh. My. Goodness. Can you really make it through this lovely season without a tall glass of freshly pressed apple cider?!?! I love to sit next to a cozy fire, and sip this sweet treat piping hot. Another autumn must have is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! How about a freshly baked apple pie, or apple crisp with fresh cream? It really makes the season complete doesn't it? I will take anything pumpkin! Topping my list is my Dad's hand-cranked pumpkin ice cream! Made with the milk, and cream from our cows it satisfies the fall cravings even on a cool day. Now is the time to start up with all our soups, and stews too. In these cold weather states it is how we cope both physically, and mentally! Oh, what a hot bowl of chicken, and dumplin' stew can do for your soul on a bitter cold evening! 

Apple cider pressed from apples on our farm.
Apples that have fallen from our trees.
                 Picking apples, harvesting pumpkins, and jumping in leaf piles are all delights of the season. C'mon! Who wouldn't want to jump into a giant crispy pile of leaves?!?!
Every time I scan the pastures it is like looking at a postcard with a colorful background abundant in crimson, and golden hues. Everything is going to seed. Ending it's life to begin life anew. Nuts, and pine cones free fall from trees. Cat tails end with a fluffy goodbye. 


            October invites me outdoors, and hugs me close. I savor every minute in it's presence, and long for more time with this friend. I'm comfortable, and myself as I meander it's crimson leaf enclosed pathways. As the long days retreat, and a nip of bitter cold settles in, my heart aches for just one more October day. One more day to hold the hand of this season, as my heart dances in sweet October sunshine. 


  1. Loved your post. The pictures are amazing. Fall is also my favorite t.ime of year

    1. Sorry for the late reply, but thank-you Michelle.